Why Steering Clear of Poorly Made Motorcycle Accessories is Vital

30th Nov 2014

When shopping for motorcycle leather jackets, motorcycle leather vests, motorcycle gloves or any other kinds of accessories, you probably stumble across several different stores and brands that offer low quality products that really aren't going to give you the style or the protection that you require from your gear, while touting the lowest prices. But is that really what you are looking for? Lowest price. Most consumer after giving a bit of thought, decided they are looking for a great value. They expected a quality product at great price.  So, it seems odd that there are so many brands that don't seem to be on the clutch when it comes to motorcycle gear. We've done tons of analysis and found the exact reasons why the True Element brand and products are above and beyond your wildest expectations when it comes to bike and biker gear.

High Quality Leather

This is one thing that just can't be skipped over, and unfortunately, many brands do just that. This can’t be said about the True Element though, as the brand focuses on the proper usage of high quality, genuine leather to ensure that the biker appeal you're going for is fully satisfied.  Although authentic full grain leather is certainly higher in price than cheaper low grade versions offered by most online stores advertising "lowest" prices, you get what you pay for and that says it all without saying much at all. When you purchase high quality leather and take proper care of it, you should definitely be able to have the exact same piece years down the road with it still looking brand new. Try to do that with a cheap badly fitted leather product and it'll be hanging together by the thread; seriously.

Genuine Leather with Great Fit

Great product not only requires good genuine leather material, but also a great fit to look amazing on you and offer the correct and intended utility. You will right away notice how amazing True Element Motorcycle leather vests and motorcycle leather jackets look on you. Similarly True Element motorcycle leather saddle bag is a sturdy piece of luggage to provide you years of service as compared to PU, or other synthetic / plastic leather products that are flooding the market today and last only a few weeks to a few months. True Element is extremely experienced with genuine leather which allows the brand to not only provide you with the physical appeal, but also the superior performance of genuine leather as well.

Effective Designs

Your leather is not only for style but to also provide a service to you; protection. With low end poorly made motorcycle leather jackets and other motorcycle accessories, you can bet your last dime that they will not provide you the protection that you want when you're zipping down the highway at double-digit speeds. That's also not to mention the aerodynamics aspect. You need to be able to glide through the air without having your leather fluttering and tugging you back and pulling you while you're riding. This is when the True Element design and fit is highly appreciated. Whether male or female, motorcycle leather jackets or motorcycle gloves, or even bike accessories like a motorcycle leather saddle are fitted for efficiency and effectiveness.

Lastly, the band is biker bad. Just take a look at the collection and you can see that the True Element brand isn't kidding around. It's for those of you who don't just ride a motorcycle, but for those who live the motorcycle lifestyle. The brand knows exactly what they're doing when they create these high quality, stylish product and they definitely aren't some mass-production company that is looking for a quick sale. Time, care and knowledge is clearly sewn into each item True Element offers. It's bad; the good kind of bad, of course. There's not much more to say other than that. If you're a biker, you like True Element.