​Must Haves Motorcycle Riding Gear and Accessories

3rd Dec 2014

If you love your motorcycle, you probably use it as much as you can - especially if you’re in an area that doesn’t get covered in snow! Commuting on your bike is fast, exhilarating and an adrenaline rush but you definitely have to be prepared for every possible situation to ensure the safety of you and your motorcycle. Here is a list of must have motorcycle accessories that you should not hit the road without.

For Your Bike: Accessories

When commuting on your motorcycle, you really want to be prepared for whatever situation you may stumble across. It is always recommended to keep some microfiber towels in your leather motorcycle saddle bag so that you can wipe down your windshield or visor and even your seat off when your bike has been sitting out in the rain. Some other accessories to consider are earplugs which aren't designed to block of the roar and rumble of your engine but rather the whistling sound of the wind which can be overbearing after a couple of hours into your commute. Disc locks are also vital to ensure that no thief will be able to escape with your ride. This is important to consider if you're commuting to areas that you're not so familiar with, and they can easily be put into your storage compartments when not in use. That's also not to mention that even the appearance of  disc locks is usually enough to discourage thieves.

For Storage: Leather Motorcycle Saddle Bag or Sissy Bar Bag

This is an absolute essential. If you’re commuting, some of your belongings are also going along for the ride, such as your phone, food, change of clothes and an extra pair of leather motorcycle gloves goggles. Leather motorcycle saddle bags are an absolute must because they can fit all this stuff and much more and you can easily detach them and carry with you if you need. True Element offers Leather Saddle bags that last many times longer than commonly available PU (Polyurethane / Fake Leather) bags at very comparable prices. 

For You: Leather Motorcycle Gloves and Weather-Prepared Gear

With the prior said, you definitely need to grab some leather motorcycle gloves. With the wind rushing as you ride, it does not take much for your entire hand to start freezing and as you know, you need those bad boys to work your bike. The much needed dexterity in your hands is something you simply can’t risk losing. We suggest you keep an extra weather appropriate pair in your Saddlebag in case you lose a hand at a rest area.

You definitely want to be weather-prepared as well and shop some leather motorcycle jackets that can withstand wind and chill. Consider a style that has plenty of pockets to optimize the minimum amount of space that you have when commuting on a motorcycle. Also important are the stretch panels in the leather and lining of the jacket for a comfortable riding posture and less fatigue. High performance thermal insulation liner provides additional warmth. You certainly want to also consider the hardware that is on your jacket to ensure no rust or corrosion will occur. However, as long as you're investing in a high-quality, authentic leather product, you should be fine.

With these few motorcycle accessories and gear, you'll be well prepared to hit the road and allow it to take you wherever it goes. Just remember, quality is important and True Element offers top notch quality at a great price. They get our seal of approval !!!