Drought, Fewer Cows and Higher Riding Gear Prices

3rd Dec 2014

If you've shopped any leather motorcycle jackets lately, or even leather products in general, you probably noticed that leather product prices have started to skyrocket due to a lower supply and higher demand. According to some estimates costs of raw leather have increased by about 75% in last year and a half. Due to the higher prices, many people are switching to lower qualities and materials but you definitely need to hear more about the scoop and why it is always best to purchase from stores such as True Element's online store as opposed to brick and mortar stores.

Fewer Cows, Higher Prices

Whether you're a beef lover or are on the hunt for the latest leather motorcycle gloves, you first need to understand why prices are getting higher. The drought is causing lower yields of corn crops and fewer pastures. This in turn is causing  Cattle herds to shrink in the United States and with fewer cows, there is a tighter supply of hides which are used in everything from leather motorcycle jackets, luxury car upholstery, fashion items and even dog collars. As a result, it's hard for many companies to keep up because they have to jack up their prices in order to cover the increased price they had to pay for the material. The majority of cattle ranches raise cattle for meat but a single head can produce enough leather for one bucket seat in a nice car, or 20 footballs. However, the output is dropping and the opposite is happening within American and international needs.

Is Lower Quality the Answer?

Heavy native steer hides are said to be at the highest price since the government began tracking it way back in 1998, and the global demand is growing just as significantly as more people require high quality leather motorcycle jackets, luxury items and much more. The prices are believed to stay on the higher end of the scale for quite some time. This is resulting in most manufacturers including big brand producers of hand bags, shoes, and protective apparel to switch to non-leather options, or to lower quality leathers. True Element is tackling this situation in a way your brick and mortar stores cannot. They are buying direct from the factory floors and cut the in between margins of importers and distributors to give you high quality motorcycle leather jackets, leather vests and leather motorcycle saddle bag at extremely sharp prices. Your local store surely cannot compete with their price structure.

There's no Substitution

 It is almost guaranteed to take many years to rebuild the United States cattle heard after the drought ends, since the gestation period for a calf is approximately nine months and animals need to be two years to reach slaughter weight. So you'll probably have a hard time finding genuine products at affordable prices in major brick and mortar stores. It isn't all bad news though because some companies aren't sacrificing the durability, style and overall quality of their products because of this cattle downfall. True Element's online store is one of them that insists on providing reasonable pricing for their leather motorcycle gloves, motorcycle leather saddle bags and even vests and jackets. The secret consumers need to know is to place importance on the products that they simply can't risk having in a lower quality and the longevity of a good leather product that will age nicely with their travels and proudly display their insignia and patches.